Many of the classic era authors who are most well known for their novels were also very prolific authors of pulp fiction stories. Whether you're looking for their novels or the magazines for which they wrote, Pulp Fiction Mysteries can help you out in your search.

The list below is a selection of some of the most prolific and well known pulp fiction authors. Follow the links to their specific page for the books available where they have either contributed stories or authored themselves.

Edward S. Aarons Richard S. Prather Cornell Woolrich
Carter Brown James M. Cain Horace McCoy
Fredric Brown Jim Thompson Sax Rohmer
Erle Stanley Gardner Dashiell Hammett Don Pendleton
Leslie Charteris William Campbell Gault Rex Stout
Thomas B. Dewey Brett Halliday Max Brand
Lester Dent Norbert Davis John Dickson Carr
Raymond Chandler Nick Carter  Mickey Spillane

Buy books from any of the authors listed here at Pulp Fiction Mysteries, the old time pulp fiction authors wrote some of the best hardboiled detective stories.

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